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1 on 1 Training

1 on 1 training conducted by our Facebook Certified Professional that will personally strategise a unique marketing plan specific to your industry that makes you standout among your competitors and train you how to implement it. This can be conducted Face to Face in your office or Online.

This training is for anyone who is already digitally savvy and would like to dive deeper into the nuts and bolts of Social Media Marketing themselves. This will include focused customer targeting, working out LTV (Life Time Value) and more.

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Facebook Ads Done For You

Done for you

With Facebook and Social Media marketing in general being so popular, its no wonder just about every business is jumping on board to try get a slice of the huge audience. This is a problem as it just means way more competition for ad space which is very limited and drives up costs resulting in poor ROAS (Return on Ad Spend).

Marketing on Social Media is not set and forget, constant monitoring of data using analytics and insights is required to insure we keep CPC's (Cost Per Clicks) to a minimum while increasing CTR's (Click Through Rates) which leads to leads. 

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